Please try the following:

  1. Internet connection should be 10 Mbps and above. If you're sharing the internet connection, lagging maybe because of limited bandwidth. To test transmission speed, visit or you can download the app if you are on mobile devices

  2. Ensure that any VPN/ Smart DNS, anti-virus, or battery-saving mode has been disabled

  3. Ensure that your browser or app has been updated to the latest version

  4. Clear your browser/App cache and data (iOS user please uninstall your App)

  5. Close unused applications, restart your device and internet network/ modem/ router

If you have performed the suggested troubleshooting steps and is still facing the same issue, please reach out to us via CONTACT US below by providing the following details:

  1. Movie title(s) that is facing the issue

  2. Device model and operating system (app or web)

  3. Does changing the network resolve the issue?

  4. Does the error persist even after changing player (using browser or other devices)?

  5. Please provide a screenshot of the internet speed test result

  6. Connection method (Wi-Fi/4G/hotspot)

  7. Screenshot or photo of the error code (if any)