Please refer below for more information:

Account related-issue

Your purchase transaction may have taken place in a different account than the one you used to log in. 

CATCHPLAY+ provides many options for registering, including mobile numbers, Facebook, Apple ID, and our partners (FirstMedia and IndiHome). Ensure the account you are logged in with is the correct one. 

If you are unsure of the number of accounts you have, please provide both your mobile phone number and email address to our Customer Service Team by clicking the “Contact Us” button below for further checking. 

Registered through our Partners

Since STBs can only be used with accounts registered through our partners (IndiHome and FirstMedia), you need to purchase a plan through the account registered on the STB to watch via the device. 

If you’d like to purchase a plan, contact the respective parties for further details. 

Alternatively, we recommend that you logged in via other Smart TVs, Chrome browsers on your mobile or computer devices, or you can refer to the list of compatible devices for your reference.