CATCHPLAY+ Lite is a subscription plan that requires users to subscribe through CATCHPLAY+ partner platforms. Users need to make a payment through CATCHPLAY+'s partner platform first, and then follow the on-screen instructions to activate or redeem the plan.

Available Content

Users subscribed to CATCHPLAY+ Lite will have unlimited access to all the films in the Lite section throughout the duration of their plan. Additionally, this section will be updated with thousands of minutes of new content every month.

Furthermore, CATCHPLAY+ Lite users can also choose to individually rent any of the movies available in the SINGLE RENTAL section according to their preferences.

Supported Devices

You can log in on up to 5 commonly used devices (such as computers, smartphones, smart TVs, etc.) according to your needs, making it convenient for you to watch from anywhere. Additionally, it supports simultaneous streaming on 2 devices. If you're willing to share your account with family or friends, they can also watch different videos simultaneously.

Common Inquries

  1. What are the differences between CATCHPLAY+ Lite and other plans?
     The difference lies in the number of videos available for unlimited watching.With the CATCHPLAY+ Lite plan, you can enjoy unlimited streaming of the movies available in the Lite section, which offers around 100 carefully selected high-quality films. Additionally, you have the option to individually rent movies from the SINGLE RENTAL section based on your preferences.

    Other plans offer unlimited access to the content in the SUBSCRIPTION section, which includes tens of thousands of hours of movies, TV shows, animations, and more.

  2. Can I upgrade my CATCHPLAY+ Lite to other plans?
    Of course, as a CATCHPLAY+ Lite user, if you wish to access the full SUBSCRIPTION content, you can subscribe to other plans at any time.

    Note: CATCHPLAY+ Lite is a standalone plan, subscribing to other plans will not automatically cancel your CATCHPLAY+ Lite subscription.

  3. Why don't I see the "Lite" section on the homepage?
    Please first go to My Account to verify that you have successfully subscribed to the CATCHPLAY+ Lite. If you have confirmed that you are logged in with the correct account and have successfully subscribed to CATCHPLAY+ Lite, please Contact US for further assistance.

  4. Why hasn't my CATCHPLAY+ Lite been activated?
    To confirm the successful subscription of your CATCHPLAY+ Lite, we suggest contacting the customer support of the partner platform through which you initially paid for your CATCHPLAY+ subscription. They can assist you in verifying the status of your subscription.

    If, after reaching out to them and confirming a successful payment, your plan remains unactivated, please Contact US and provide the following information:

    (1) Account information (phone number or email)

    (2) Which partner you paid for the Plan?

    (3) Screenshot of the successful payment deduction (if any)

    (4) Subscription date

    (5) If you have a promotion code, please provide a screenshot of the code