For now, we are having a promo for the MOVIE LOVERS BASIC plan. Only by paying Rp 10.000 (for the first month only before tax), you can enjoy watching all movies/series in the SUBSCRIPTION category. From the second month onwards, you will be charged Rp 31.800 per month (before tax), compensated by First Media.

In addition, we also provide blockbuster movies that can be rented per film in our
SINGLE RENTAL category. We also offer 4 SINGLE RENTALS ticket bundles (valid for 2 months) and 12 SINGLE RENTALS ticket bundles (valid for 6 months) that you can choose to watch movies with the SINGLE RENTAL logo.

If the movie you want to watch has an EARLY ACCESS logo because the movie is shown around the same time as the cinema, the license of EARLY ACCESS at HOME movie is different from the regular SINGLE RENTAL and SINGLE RENTAL ticket can't be used to watch the movie in this category. The movie can only be rented per film.

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