You can adjust the background color setting of the default subtitles by following the steps below:

  • Click Start on your laptop/computer, then go to Settings → Ease of Access → Closed captions
  • On the Change caption font change the Caption color to White
  • On the Change caption background change the Caption background transparency to Transparent
  • Close the Chrome browser and reopen it

  • Since the subtitle setting path on each device brand is different, please insert "subtitles" in the search column on your device's Setting APP
  • Click on the Subtitle Preferences
  • Set the background color to none or transparent
  • Set the background transparency to 100%
  • Close Chrome browser or CATCHPLAY + App and reopen it

iOS & tvOS
  • Go to Settings → Accessibility Subtitles & Captioning → Style → Create New Style...
  • On the BACKGROUND change the Opacity to 0%
  • Close the Safari browser or CATCHPLAY+ App and reopen it